Toca Life Hospital Apk & OBB v1.66.3 Free Download

Various games with different genres are available on the Play Store. Racing and adventure games have ruled over the internet for many decades, but recently, educational games have taken over the internet with their unique storylines and gameplay.

Among all the recent and advanced educational games, Toca Life: Hospital APK is one of the most well-known games on the Play Store.

As clear from its name, this game is based on a medical theme related to health. In other words, its features allow users to use various medical methods to cure people, including X-rays, CT scans, and many other medical procedures.

The following article contains detailed information regarding this advanced game.

Toca Boca: Life Hospital APK

toca boca life hospital
NameToca Life Hospital APK
PublisherToca Boca
Requirements5.0 and Up
TypeHospital APK

You can also download Unlimited Mod APK or also play it online.


As I stated earlier, this game differs from other games because of its unique genre. A player comes across various medical activities that play a significant role in enhancing their knowledge. I enjoy playing this game because it allows me to learn about health and wellness. Moreover, the game includes many medical machines for the patients’ treatment.

Features of Toca Life: Hospital APK

Enjoy Hospital Life

With changing times, many health-related issues have been affecting people. In these times, such educational games play a significant role in educating people regarding health issues. Health-related games like Toca Life: Hospital APK allows you to treat patients with different medical tools and machines to enhance your knowledge about medical treatments.

In addition, you can enjoy your time by going on rounds, doing surgeries, treating patients, prescribing medications, delivering babies, and many other activities. The advanced characteristics of the game help you create different stories related to hospital life.

You can also use labs, operation theaters, emergency rooms, ICUs, and different places in the hospital to treat your patients. One of the best parts about this game is that it offers free medical tools to treat patients. In other words, you have free access to medical tools and machines.

Transform Into A Caring Doctor

Many individuals are unaware of the various activities that take place in the hospitals. Well, this game allows them to experience different activities related to the medical field in virtual life. Players get a chance to transform themselves into caring doctors who work for other humans’ welfare. You can pair up with other companions in the game and try completing certain missions to upgrade your hospital.

The most significant activity is to treat patients. Everything in this game depends on your actions. In other words, this game allows you to decide if the patient survives and many other factors. One of the most significant advantages of playing this game is that its features allow you to experience life at hospitals as a healthcare worker.

Furthermore, you can experience what a doctor goes through in this field. Hence, it is a great option for individuals who want to enjoy adventures as a healthcare worker in the virtual world because the advanced graphics of this game ensure a better experience and teaches you multiple things related to health and the medical field.

Hospital Setting

As I stated above, this game’s features allow you to play with various dolls and create dramatic scenes at the hospital. Additionally, you can use hospital beds, bandages, crutches, wheelchairs, and certain other tools. You can equip your hospital with different medical tools and machines, including CT scans, X-rays, etc. Equip your hospital with different tools to upgrade your hospital system.

Complete Missions

Another significant factor about this game is that it comes with additional in-game missions with extra rewards. You can complete these missions to access different wards and other factors. In other words, the game’s premium features are easily accessible by winning additional in-game missions.

Five Floors In The Hospital

Another significant feature that makes this game my top favorite is that the game’s publisher created five different floors in the hospital, each with unique features and activities. The hospital’s first floor is the basement, from where one can sound the siren on the ambulance and unlock certain mystery boxes to access different stuff. In other words, the hospital’s basement is related to ambulances.

Then comes the second floor, which is the hospital’s main entrance and contains a reception to guide the visitors. Secondly, this floor has a waiting area like actual hospitals in the real world. The hospital’s third floor contains various labs and is the treatment area.

In other words, the doctors examine patients, diagnose their illnesses, and treat them on this floor. Then comes the fourth floor, also known as the Family Care floor. This floor is related to maternity activities because it contains ultrasound labs, nurseries, and other stuff for the newborn and the mommies-to-be care.

Lastly, the fifth floor is the General Care floor, where patients spend their time till they stay in the hospital. The Farewell room in the hospital is for individuals who lose their loved ones in the hospital.

MOD Features

Unlimited Wards

The original app has many advanced features, but most are locked. In other words, you must reach a certain level or complete a mission to access premium features. Therefore, many individuals prefer the modified version of the game because it ensures access to unlimited wards and many other premium features.

Unlimited Money

Another prominent drawback of the original game is that it comes with little money. Hence, you must have enough money to make in-game purchases. On the contrary, the modified app offers unlimited money. You can make any in-game purchases without worrying about your money.

How To Install Toca Life: Hospital APK?

Since you can’t download the modified application on the Play Store, you must install it from an authentic online website. Follow the following steps to install the game on your device.

  • Choose an authentic website and download the application.
  • Go to your device’s settings and enable “Unknown Sources.”
  • Go to Files and install the application on your device.

What is Toca Life: Hospital APK?

Toca Life: Hospital APK is a well-known educational game related to health and wellness. You can experience certain health-related activities at the hospital by working as a doctor.

What Is Toca Life: Hospital APK’s genre?

Many games are available on the Play Store, but recently educational games have taken over the internet. Toca Life: Hospital APK is one of the most famous health-related games on the internet, and its genre is educational.

How to install Toca Life: Hospital APK?

To download the app, visit an authentic website and download the application. Go to settings and enable “Unknown Sources.” Now, go to Files, and install the app on your device.


The above article contains authentic information regarding a well-known health-related game, Toca Life: Hospital APK. The original application is available on the Play Store, but you must download the modified version through a website. Follow the steps in the following article to access advanced features of the game through the modified version.